Stainless Steel Tubes

Stainless Steel is a metal with a number of great qualities. It is bright and attractive. It is easy to clean. It emits an aura of quality. And it is as 'stainless' as its name suggests giving it an everlasting shine . SS ornamental tubing market is growing exponentially because of substantially increasing usage of SS in architecture, building & construction (ABC) segment.

It is used by Architects, City planners, Airport Designers, Rail coach Manufacturers, Furniture manufacturers, etc. to give a place aesthetic beauty, longevity combined with strength.

The hosting of Commonwealth games in India in 2010, the retail revolution, modernization of cities, bus stops, railways, airports and the economic growth of India has contributed to the rapid growth of the stainless steel tube industry. Against the steady and robust growth in the economy, the stainless steel usage in the country has also been growing at a faster clip of about 13%.***New development in the application of Stainless Steel in India - By Ramesh R. Gopal, Executive Director, Indian Stainless Steel Development Association.

A "Passion" for TUBES

Steel Fabrication has for many years been a balance of need, performance, functionality, aesthetics and cost.

Each industry has its own codes. In marine environments, corrosion resistance is a priority. In architecture, the aesthetic elegance and self-repairing properties are much appreciated. In the food and beverage industry, the hygienic advantages of stainless steel are vital. The combination of strength together with high fire resistance offers considerable advantages in all kinds of structures.

Features of SMART Tubes

  • Best Quality Raw Material
  • High Production Capacity
  • Excellent Accuracy in Weight / Length / Dimensions
  • Sufficient In-house Polishing Facility
  • Best Possible Polish - Super Mirror & Mat
  • Complete Size Range
  • Delivery in Small Quantity
  • Ready Stock